Monday, February 6, 2012

Yet Another Hunting Activity Called Spring Bear Hunts

Ask any hunter and he will tell you that the most prized game outside of Africa is the bear. These amazing creatures are frightening and awe-inspiring all at the same time. However, most hunters never get the chance to tackle this challenge on their home turf. But you can find great bear hunting in Idaho.

For a month every spring, a few Idaho outfitters offer spring bear hunts. At some guest ranches and outfitters, the incredible experience might also include a jetboat access to remote canyon country, or even an alpine wilderness fly-in or horse-pack remote camp. At these remote locations and in rugged, steep country, hunters can often see the bears from a distance and can stalk an approach from across a canyon. Be sure you're out there with a great guide, though, and remember that taking an animal is one thing, but getting it out is another matter!

Good guides with considerable experience are essential on these hunts. This isn't an easy hunt by any means. Plus, bears are dangerous adversaries so if you make a wrong move, you could be in for some serious trouble.

A spring bear hunt in Idaho with a good guide gives you an opportunity to overcome some of these challenges. For one, the terrain is perfect for spot and stalk hunting. As the name suggests, you're going to head out to the mountains and lay low until, scoping the hillsides looking for these beautiful creatures. Then you can carefully stalk him until you are in a good position for shooting. Even using this technique can be a challenge for the uninitiated so you do want to bring along someone who knows a lot about hunting and quite a bit about the bears.

For many hunters, finding time to hunt and taking care of the family often don't go together. That's what makes a spring bear hunt in Idaho such a great option though, especially when you pick a family- friendly outfitter or guest ranch, is the opportunity to satisfy hunting and family demands at the same place. You can find a great place to hunt and bring the family too for some quality relaxation, horseback rides, or other ranch activities. The weather in the spring season is obviously a major variable, but it's worth considering- simply relaxing in the natural beauty of Idaho's wilderness areas can renew the soul any time of year.

One of the great benefits too of a great Idaho guest ranch and outfitter is the opportunity to find a place you can come back to in other seasons- spring bear hunts, summer guest ranch and river fun, fall elk hunting, even fall and early spring steelhead fishing. Idaho has it all, and the best places have all of this in one location.

Ask anyone who has ever successfully claimed a bear for a hunting trophy and you will quickly learn that it is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have as a hunter outside of African big game. While it can be dangerous, working with an experienced guide who knows the area and has experience hunting bears will offer you a tremendous advantage. The spring bear hunts are not something any serious hunter would want to miss.

Elwood Nicklow found the ultimate spring bear hunts at Shepp Ranch in Idaho, and returned for summer guest ranch activity as well as spring steelhead fishing. Learn more about Shepp Ranch here.
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