Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sighting In a Hunting Compound Bow - The How To

In this short article I will go through the steps of sighting in your compound bow.
First thing is first. You must make sure your sights and peep sight (if you have one) has been installed correctly. I will assume that your bow accessories have been installed by an expert.
You always want to start out at around 10 yards. Since your bow fiber optic pins are probably still set at the factory position, this will give you a better chance to at least hit the target.

From around 10 yards:
Take a couple shots at your target aiming at the same exact spot with your bow. If you are not hitting the target where you were aiming for you will want to move your bow sight the direction of where you arrow is hitting. So if your arrows are hitting to the left of where you were aiming then move your sight pin left. Do not move it much, just a little. If you have the option to move all the pins at once that would be ideal because they all will probably be off.
Once you move your sight pins over take a couple more shots with your bow. Keep adjusting until you have the correct horizontal (you will probably still be shooting high/low).
Once you have that down it is time to start working on the vertical arrow placement. If you are shooting low of the spot you are aiming them move your single sight optic down a little (not all sight pins but only the top one). Then take a couple more shots. Repeat this step until you are on target.
You can fine tune your bow sight once you get it close. Just keep tinkering with it until you are happy with the results.
I will say this again because some people will move the bow site pin the wrong way while adjusting them and that can result in trying to track down a lost $8 arrow. If your arrow hits to the right make sure to move the sight pin to the right. If you're pushing your arrows to the left then move the bow sight pin to the left. Same if you pushing your arrow up or down. You always move the sight pin to the point of impact.

From 20 yards:
Repeat the above steps with the 2nd pin from the top. But if you are hitting left/right with your arrow only move the 2nd pin left/right and not all of them. You do not want to touch that top pin once you have it set. You should not have to do this. If you are pushing your arrow left/right take multiple shots to verify.
Repeat the steps from above from 30 and 40 yards using your 3rd and fourth pins.
You can set up your bow sight pins at any yards you like. Just remember that the top pin would be the closest and your bottom pin will be the furthest shot. I just used 10/20/30/40 yards as examples. I myself have 3 pins that I set up at 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards. I'm not shooting anything over 40 yards because my placement will probably not be a good kill shot. When I take a shot at 10 yards I just adjust my aiming a little low.
Well that's all there is to it so go grab your compound bow and adjust them sights. Before you know it you will drop a nice deer with your arrow.

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