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Trout Fishing With Kids

Trout fishing can be great for all ages, but there are some real important things you should keep in mind when fishing with kids.

Kids who have had an opportunity to go trout fishing and learn how to fish for trout, will typically remember these pleasurable experiences for a lifetime. So reach out and bring a child trout fishing. Whether it is your family member (i.e. grandchildren, nieces and nephews, etc.) or children through a local big brother program, a scouting program and/or town recreational programs, take the time and get involved and pass along the tradition of trout fishing today. You'll feel really good about it and you may be a positive influence on someone, who can then pass it along again, long after you're gone.

However, kids are kids and they will continue to be kids. There are a number of things that are important to remember when trout fishing with children. This article has been written to provide some helpful trout fishing tips while trout fishing with children.
First of all, when dealing with children, trout fishing or not, the most important things to remember are safety and child comfort. If the child is not a family member, follow the scouting rule of thumb and always have another adult present and several kids together. Although, while in the actual act of trout fishing, it is always better to keep the kids separated from each other, otherwise they'll surely create too much noise and will likely bicker over bait, first catches, etc. Set-up time, break meetings and a lunch time provide enough time for the kids to be kids with each other. Anyway, be sure to watch the child the entire time he or she is in your care. You really should never take your eye off the child, as they are often curious and can wonder off very easily. Kids who haven't been around the water much will also want to spend their time as close to it as they can get. So watch carefully!

Always be sure to have a first aid kit with you and it can't hurt to get yourself trained in first aid. If you go trout fishing with enough times with children, you will know that one of the hardest things to prevent is a child getting "hooked", which obviously is never fun.
Trout fishing comfort with kids is important. Make sure they are prepared for the elements, depending on where and what time of year you are trout fishing. Whether it is layered clothing, gloves, feet and hand warmers in the cooler areas/months or sunscreen in the warmer months, always be prepared. Always make sure to have enough water-drinks, as well as snacks, to keep everybody hydrated and happy! With hydration and snacks, comes you know what. Always try not to pick fishing spots that are far to walk to or are too far removed from bathrooms!

Kids get easily distracted, trout fishing or not. As such, be sure to have a nearby back-up plan, if the trout fishing scene isn't catching on as quickly as you had hoped. Perhaps have a nearby area, obviously away from other fisherman, where you might be able to skim rocks on the water, do some turtle spotting or pine cone hunting.
Now that we have touched a little on child safety and comfort while trout fishing, let's talk some trout fishing (or really any fishing for that matter). Remember, you want the child to learn some things and you are the teacher. Be patient, keep it simple and most importantly, make it fun! When it's the child's first time trout fishing, it is always best to start with live bait and bobber. Teaching a kid to hook a wiggly worm or minnow will take some time and we suggest baiting the hook the first couple of times to get some quick action and engagement. Kids love watching a bobber, so long as it's moving more than once and a while. Pick a spot where you know they can do some trout fishing and catch some fish. You know where to go!

Set yourself up a rig as well, so if your bobber goes down first, you can give him or her the opportunity to reel their first catch in. Now remember, kids react in different ways to their first caught fish. Some are exited and want to hug that slimy slippery fish, while others may be frightened and actually a little freaked out. Just be prepared for whatever reaction there is. Talk with the child as often as you can, teaching, but more importantly listening. Let the conversation go where it goes. They do have wonderful fast-paced minds and the conversations are always unique and rewarding.

Teach the catch and release method while trout fishing and show the child how to respect the environment by treating and releasing the fish properly, collecting trash and litter and leaving only footprints. The secret is to help kids learn to appreciate fishing and the outdoors in general.

If the child shows an interest in fishing, set-up another fishing trip and get he or she involved in the preparation next time, perhaps making lunch or digging for worms the night before. Going night-crawling with my dad is one of the best memories I have!
In the end, the overall goal should be to develop a relationship with the child. Going trout fishing, you can invest quality time in a child's life and teach them some values that will be important to them down the road, never mind just spending time with you. That means more to them than you will ever know!

So what are you waiting for, get to know some kids and go trout fishing!

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