Sunday, December 6, 2009

Binoculars Are Essential For A Successful Hunting Expedition By J W Rhodes

Hunting is the ultimate art of stealth and with the right equipment in hand you can almost guarantee a successful outing. Hunting binoculars are a highly important accessory to any hunter's arsenal. When you are hunting, having the best equipment to guide you is absolutely crucial. Since these binoculars will be used outdoors, possibly in rough terrain, it is important to look for a pair which is built to last and stand up to the odd fall or scrape. Hunting binoculars will have different features than a pair of birding binoculars or marine binoculars. The most popular sizes for hunting are 8x40, 8x42, 10x40, and 10x42 and a roof prism is the preferred choice.

Waterproofing should be a must in hunting binoculars, and most of the mid-priced roof prism binoculars offer this feature. Magnification specifications of 8x42 or 10x42 are perfect for a variety of outdoor optics requirements. A lot of hunting is done in low light conditions so it is necessary to have an objective lens large enough to provide the maximum amount of light gathering ability, as is reasonable. Remember the larger the lens then the heavier the binoculars are likely to be, so this can be a factor when you consider the possibility of carrying these around all day. Be sure a neck strap can easily be attached to help with fatigue. When you are attempting a close up view of an object in the far distance, a very slight movement on your end translates into a big change in the area being viewed at the other end. For this reason, if you are using binoculars with a large, heavy objective lens it is helpful, if not necessary, to stabilize them by either resting them on something or mounting them on a tripod. If you will be staying in one spot for a period of time then it might be to your advantage to consider mounting the binoculars on a tripod which would free up both hands and not require you to find the viewing area, refocus, and keep steady each time you pick them up.

Also when you are looking for a pair of hunting binoculars you might want to look for a pair with a range finder feature. Although, typically not as accurate, this provides a convenient alternative to carrying a separate rangefinder. Distance measuring is important, but binoculars with a wide field of view allow you to see a larger picture, and keep an eye on several objects at once. For this reason, binoculars for deer hunting might not be the best type that you would use for hunting rabbits.

Binoculars are one of the handiest optical instruments and are necessary for hunters of all experience levels.

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