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Effective Salmon Fishing Techniques By Clifford Young

There are a lot of people who are very interested in fishing, and among these are those who are especially keen about salmon fishing. However, not all who are interested in this game are adept in what should be done. As such, if anyone wants to enjoy as well as succeed in salmon fishing, then specific salmon fishing techniques should be learned beforehand.

Anyone who has tried salmon fishing will know firsthand that getting a salmon to bite is really very tricky. While there are times when they do bite hard, there are also other times when fishers hardly get a bite at all. There are many fishing experts who reason out that salmon don't bite during periods of spawning, as this is when they lessen their feeding activity; there are others who state that these fish bite every time, spawning or not.

This is actually where salmon fishing techniques come in handy. As there is a theory that salmon are quite responsible fish, up to the point that they look after each other's eggs, there are a number of fishers who use salmon roe for bait. There are many fishers who believe that this is a winning technique, as most salmon could not resist taking a roe into its mouth so it can be brought to safety.

However, the first among the many techniques that anyone should learn about is to know where these fish can be found. There are excellent fish-finders that are now available in the market, which can help in knowing the location of these fish, like the Hummingbird Matrix 87. These sonar devices are quite outstanding in showing which crevices these fish use to hide, among other details of the sea depths.

The next tool that anyone should learn is the use of colorful jigs. This is because when migrating salmons get ready for spawning, their vision is more sensitive than most. They are most keen on sensing the color of green, thus getting green-colored jigs should increase anyone's chances of getting a salmon to bite.

Another of the salmon fishing techniques available that you should know of is water skimming. This technique is particularly effective on flat water surface fishing. With this, all that needs to be done is casting the bait and then retrieving it steadily and deliberately using the rod or reel, even before the jig has sunk. This causes the jig to smoothly skim through the top of waters just like a minnow, thereby attracting a possible bite from the fish.

So, anyone can really have a chance to catch some salmon if they follow the techniques stated above. Probably the most important things that anyone should remember about salmon fishing is to know where they lay and how to attract them.

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