Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hunting Supplies and Equipment

Hunting is an animal chase activity for food, recreation or sport and trade purposes. During hunting, there are number of important hunting supplies and equipment that are required.

The first thing to consider when going hunting is the hunting gear, which includes the apparel or clothing and footwear. First, clothing should be appropriate for the weather or climate conditions of the location. It would be best to take initial steps in researching the local weather reports to make it as a guide in choosing if one is going to wear thick apparel. A good advice from hunters is to wear layers of clothing and if the location appears to be warm then one just adjusts by taking out the extra layers. Preparation for cold weather means one must bring extra clothes. Clothes should be able to keep one warm and comfortable. Second, footwear should be able to keep the feet warm all throughout the hunting activity. In extreme cases of coldness, snowshoes are the alternative to boots.

Third on the list is the sleeping bag. A sleeping bag should be able to make you feel comfortable and suited to your body size.

Fourth on the list is the tent. The tent should be able to provide the comfort during rest or sleep period. If the hunting group is big then there should be extra tents available.

Fifth is the amount of food, communal tools, cookware and first aid supplies. It is important to be reminded that there should be sufficient supplies for all the members of the hunting group.

Sixth is the utility knife. It is a crucial supply to bring since it will be useful in cutting woods and skinning animals.

Seventh is the proper firearm, which includes stick bows, scopes, guns, and arrows.

Bows are weapons that work hand in hand with the arrows. They are classified into three: recurve, compound and cross bow. Hunting scope is an indispensable equipment and particularly used in deer hunting. Prices vary depending on the quality of the lens.

Heavier arrows release smoother and quieter shots while lighter arrows allow flat trajectory. Heavier arrows weigh 8-10 grains per pound while middle weight are 6-8 grains per pound and lighter weight is those below 6 grains per pound. These arrows are made of aluminum and carbon. Carbon made arrows is more popular since it made a big impact in the hunting industry. On the other hand, aluminum arrows are cheaper.

Eight on the list is the bow cases. Market offers hard cases, which are durable enough to protect the hunting supplies. There is also soft camouflage cases designed to protect not just the bows and arrows but also the rifles.

Ninth is the scent control. This can be in the form of a spray, which is necessary in deer hunting. It is designed to control or remove the natural human scent. One can also use cover scents like animal urine.

Tenth is the right gun. One can choose between bolt action, lever action, and semi automatics or pump action guns. Hunting experts recommend beginners to use guns with higher caliber for better hunting results.
Other hunting supplies may include compass, binoculars, and safety kits.

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